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Schlern International Music Festival is a charitable organization specializing in development and promotion of classical music education and performance training of handicapped and underprivileged children nationwide and internationally.

We help to organize a wide variety of introductory educational activities for school age children who are talented in classical music.  Children of all backgrounds have an opportunity to learn the basics of musical notation, reading music, music history and literature, playing classic music instruments solo and in ensemble.

Concerts by children are presented in various states such as New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, Virginia, Ohio, Texas, and supported by local communities throughout the U.S. Concerts in countries outside of U.S. are supported also by local communities as well.

More advanced students are exposed to higher level classical repertoire for solo and chamber music performances and have the opportunity to learn higher levels of music theory, literature, and related music disciplines.

Classical musical education and outreach to underprivileged communities offer an important opportunity to learn new and important activity that can last a lifetime and help children to enrich their life in a significant way.

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